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                    Concept Book


  The S.T.A.R. Powered Twins is a CONCEPT BOOK. This book is intended for  young children and

  focuses on the educational value of the “Law of Attraction.” The development of this concept requires

  an overflowing of strategies for each child to master during small reading increments of time daily.

  It is designed to be used by adults to stimulate an early reader’s interest, vocabulary, and reading skills.

  Starting in kindergarten  and continuing to fifth grade each child is given the Developmental Reading    

  Assessment  {DRA} in the winter and spring.


           Use the following guidelines to improve reading scores.

   Read ten page segments of the story per day. Always, have the child RETELL the SEQUENCE of 

   EVENTS happening in the story before you resume reading the next day. The illustrator put forth

   enormous attention to detail so that each child could gain vital information to build their picture

  reading skills. Working with young students who are just beginning to learn how to read, the adult

  should ask questions for each illustration by taking a PICTURE WALK before reading:


  Who is the in the picture?

  What is happening in the picture?


  What do you see?


  What do you think?


  What do you wonder?

  When is this happening?

  Where are they?

  Why ………….?



    Children are very curious; each day brings them unique experiences and

    new questions to be answered.


     The "picture walk" is a powerful educational tool to

    ignite  interest in the story  and improve comprehension skills.

        Enjoy your Law of Attraction reading adventure!


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