Gratitude Journal for Children

by Dorothy A. Lecours

          A Gratitude Journal is the most valuable gift

         that keeps on giving. Always start and end

         each day by saying all the things that made

         you THANKFUL. Every day go on a gratitude

         hunt to discover what ignites the spark that

         makes you FEEL: 

                    *Super  *Terrific  And  *Remarkable.

          Keeping a GRATITUDE Journal helps your child expand their      awareness of how to SAVOR appreciation for moments, people, things,  and events that make them FEEL good.  This empowers your child to search  for gifts that are given to them daily which will impact their  HAPPINESS level. Developing an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE is an  extremely POSITIVE gift.

Use the KISS METHOD: Keep It Simple Star

The Gratitude sheets provided in this journal begins your child's journey of APPRECIATION with the powerful words I AM grateful for......... to start their exploration by using pictures or words. Parents, please share very simple things that make you FEEL happy and grateful. Children always imitate the actions and feelings of their caregivers. Have your child use their IMAGINATIONS to experience how they would be FEELING if certain things, people, events, and moments were missing in their daily life. This should activate a higher level of APPRECIATION immediately for all gifts taken for granted. Enjoy attracting many NEW experiences that will make each day overflow with pure JOY!


Each gratitude sheet displays 7 lines for the 7 days in a week.

You can write for 52 weeks about what you FEEL grateful for each day.