The S.T.A.R. Powered Twins

Reading Game Box 

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  Dorothy A. Lecours has created a READING GAME BOX that takes

your child on a MAGICAL reading  adventure. Designed to provide

EXCITING positive word experiences by using a Game Board, Card

Deck, and Activity Book. Discover the secret of using:

 I AM.............. Affirmations to make your dreams come true!




 EXQUISITE Game Board radiating POSITIVE Words from A to Z.


The WORDS you send out are the FEELINGS and DREAMS that

come back to you.  Empower your child to use the words I AM at the

beginning  of each affirmation to develop positive FEELINGS,




 THE READING GAME BOX 82 page Activity Book  develops empowering ways to create: I AM AFFIRMATIONS and     INSPIRE LOVE for READING. EXPLORE unlimited options to EXPAND your child’s: Reading Vocabulary, Alphabetical Order Skills, Word Walls, Vision Boards and the MAGIC of GRATITUDE.


Discover the power of positive words, thoughts, and actions to attract expanded goodness. FOCUSING on being healthy, abundant, happy, and by being in a state of GRATITUDE will create a very positive reality for your child.



 72 Cards in the Deck designed to develop

Reading VocabularyAlphabetical Order, 

and empowering I AM............. Affirmations.

10 UNIQUE Reading Card Games to play.


   Children are the LIGHTS that bridge Heaven on

   Earth. Empower them to SHINE their BRIGHTEST

   by learning the concepts taught in The Reading

   Game Box and Gratitude Journal for Children.